Giuseppe Macario

Giuseppe Macario, PhD, is an accredited investor, Oracle/IBM/Microsoft/Google certified professional, engineer in Panama, and former ACM-ICPC champion.

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Giuseppe Macario wearing a shirt and tie

Giuseppe Macario's professional certifications

Oracle Certified Professional

Giuseppe Macario's Oracle Certified Professional diploma

IBM Certified Solution Developer

Giuseppe Macario's IBM Certified Solution Developer diploma

Microsoft Certified Professional

Giuseppe Macario's Microsoft Certified Professional diploma

Google Digital Training

Giuseppe Macario's Google Digital Training diploma

MITx Micromasters Program in Statistics and Data Science

from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Letter of accomplishment

Giuseppe Macario's MIT certification in statistics and data science

MITx Micromasters Program in Data, Economics, and Development Policy

from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Giuseppe Macario's MIT certification in data, economics and development policy


Dissertation: "Blaise Pascal's wager". Transcripts and diploma in digital format are available on request by email.

Giuseppe Macario's PhD

Giuseppe Macario's legal certificates of good conduct

Giuseppe Macario's certificates of good conduct, certificates of good standing, and clean criminal records are available as one PDF file (in Italian) and as a text page translated into English by Google. The certificates debunk any hypothetical fake news.

My locations

Panama, office

Giuseppe Macario ✉ Addresses:
Punta Pacifica, calle Punta Colón, Panamá
tel. +(507) 63394881
via España, PH Torre mayor, Panamá

Rome, Italy, apartment

Venice, Italy, holiday home

Principality of Monaco, France, holiday home