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Beware of imitations!

The new website dedicated to prof. Giuseppe Macario stems from the need to counter the numerous unauthorized imitations that have appeared in the last few years, chiefly at the hands of scammers or fake-news publishers. This phenomenon is best understood in view the fact that Giuseppe Macario's strong opposition to online and offline scams has led the aforementioned scammers to attack him, obviously without success since they have all been unmasked and prosecuted in court.

The phenomenon of fake websites, as well as phishing, is an online scam that has been repeatedly condemned both by the Italian Government through its Data Protection Authority, both by the judiciary. These kinds of suspicious transactions damage the Internet user who is being deceived and/or scammed, and the person who is being used/mentioned illegally — Giuseppe Macario in this case — who has never consented to the use of his or her data by third parties. To put it simply, it is like we came across a website, or a Facebook page, which claims to belong to a football player, an actor, a politician or anyone else: too bad the football player, the actor, the politician or anyone else never authorized the use of their name, and certainly they do not know who is hiding behind the fake webpage or for what reasons.

The only way to defend against these scams is to make sure the following conditions are true:

  1. the domain you are visiting is — look carefully at the .men ending
  2. and your browser has established a secure connection (also known as protected or encrypted), indicated in the Internet address bar at the top of the screen.

Important: if at least one of these points does not exists, you can be sure that you are visiting a fake website, which does not belong to Giuseppe Macario. Therefore, if you do not want to be scammed, you had better leave. Remember: beware of imitations and impostors!

Interview with Giuseppe Macario

A few words about Giuseppe Macario, who met with our correspondent.

Giuseppe Macario is an entrepreneur and the director of STEM curriculum at an international college in Rome which has partnerships and branches all over the world. Surprisingly, the world record that he set at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest — basically the computer science world championships — when he was a student, is still unbeaten. Italy is suffering a real brain drain and Giuseppe Macario is a bright young man who, while often being abroad and despite the absurd and notorious Italian red tape, still fights for a better future in his beautiful and beloved homeland.

At first, dr. Giuseppe Macario gives the impression of being a private person. He is indeed, but once you become friends with him we can assure you that talking to him is going to be fun. More often than not, a real blast. A quick and clever mind, he enjoys commenting — with some traces of irony, and occasionally sarcasm — on topics that range from applied mathematics to international politics, from track and field events to the European economic crisis. He immediately stresses that he is "not an expert in the field", but after a while you have to surrender to his line of reasoning, always based on logic and rationalism to such an extent that he proudly declares he likes to question the scientific world.

Giuseppe Macario

Freethinkers and smart, dedicated, young people have no place in today's Italy, ruled by gerontocracy, nepotism and lobbies of various kinds. But Giuseppe Macario will not give in: after building a successful career on his own overseas — mostly in the American continent — he renewed his relationship with Italy in order to export the principles of freedom that allowed him to create work abroad as a self-made entrepreneur in the Caribbean and in California. Giuseppe Macario loves to travel! Granted, with an average level of taxation that surpasses the 50% threshold, with a world-famous bloated bureaucracy, and with nepotistic lobbies that would make the most fanatical medieval guilds jealous, the endeavor is not a simple one. However, we can assure you that Giuseppe Macario's persistence is out of the ordinary. It is no accident that he has run several marathons and manages to fight scammers' fake news.

Giuseppe Macario is a pioneer of 3D virtual worlds in Italy. He entered Second Life, that is to say the biggest and most popular virtual world, at a time when talking about virtual reality or augmented reality in Italy was all Greek to the Italians. «They thought I was crazy,» he says, «and everybody asked me: what are you going to do with this weird stuff?» When in the USA, especially in the San Francisco Bay area, the first successful startups blossomed in the field of virtual reality, nobody would invest a cent in the same field in Italy. And after about fifteen years, the situation is not very different. «It is not easy to make yourself understood in Italy: unfortunately, innovation is not part of this beautiful country's culture anymore. However, nothing prevents us from swimming against the stream and believing in our potential.»

Giuseppe Macario wrote the screenplay for this beautiful short movie where Julia Roberts travels to Scotland, France and Italy. Enjoy!

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